Women pay their debts better

Although shopping seems to be the domain of women, they are less often tempted than men. They are also more cautious – they think longer about whether to take a loan or not, and loans cause them a lot of stress. antolacasadetersivi.com has details

Thanks to the BIG InfoMonitor and BIK study, we can characterize the fair sex in terms of debt, among others. The data shows that ladies are a minority among unreliable debtors, 38% of the total. Their joint arrears amount to over $ 21 billion. For comparison, men owe over $ 45 billion.

Interestingly, the older a woman, the greater the backlog. Ladies and women aged over 65 predominate in the databases of debtors.

  • The average woman’s debt is $ 20 925
  • The average debt of a man is: $ 27,566

Vladimir Poslan, who is the president of BIG InfoMonitor, points out that the study showed that gender stereotypes are very misleading. Ladies, more often than men, manage their finances more wisely and are less willing to take risks.

Portrait of a debtor woman

woman debt

Statistics show that, on average, a female debtor is 35-44 years old. Most often she lives in Silesia and Mazovia (in these voivodships ΒΌ of debtors). Statistically, a woman living in Silesia has 20 185 dollars to donate and 29 827 dollars in Mazovia. The youngest debtor-record holder is 45 years old (debt over 17 million dollars), and the oldest 64 years (debt 25.5 million dollars).

Record holders in the debt register

The infamous first place among debtors is occupied by a lady from Warsaw at the age of 64. Her debt is already $ 25.5 million (for comparison, the debt of a male record holder is over $ 66 million). Right behind her is a 63-year-old resident of Lower Silesia with an overdue liability of $ 24.5 million. The podium is closed by a 58-year-old woman from Lesser Poland, with a debt of 20.3 million dollars.

The data show that the problem of arrears most often have women between 45 and 54 years of age. Their average backlog except the overall average and amounts to up to 27,000 dollars. Women 18-24 have the least problems.

Where do the gender differences in debt come from?

Where do the gender differences in debt come from?

The stereotypes mentioned earlier are not just about men’s extravagance. The research of the Lightwell Institute shows that men have a different approach to money management. Women borrow less than men, and what’s more, ugly sex is more easily tempted. Men are more likely to assume that they prefer to borrow than save. What is also important, gentlemen are unable to plan their expenses in advance and the decision to make a commitment is made very quickly (up to several days or up to several hours).

Ladies are more stressed before making a new commitment. They think about it for longer and try to analyze their decision. As much as 38% of women feel upset with 30% of men.

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